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We work with numerous charities helping to raise money for them and we will do anything to help, we have done fashion shows, discos and big gala dinners where raising money is the whole point of the night.

At Christmas you will find us on the road travelling between Nottingham and Leicester doing the Wish upon a star charity Santa run, we bring with us snow, the occasional sun and the rain even though we can’t be at fault for the rain. We supply for the runs a snow machine so even if it is a nice sunny day we can simulate snow for the runners.

We have great pleasure working with Alex’s wish which is a charity started by Emma Hallam to gain awareness for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, the charity was started to make awareness for the disease as there is no cure, Emma’s son has the disease so it is extremely close to her heart. Their aim is to raise £1 million by 2020 and so far they have raised £360 thousand since late 2012 so are on track for their target. We supply staging, discos, presentations and anything else we are able to offer for an important cause. Please look at the website and see what they do.

Wish upon a star is a charity that has a simple mission. To grant the wishes of children living with a life threatening illness, aged 2-16 years. They successfully chartered two flights to Lapland in December 2015 for children to visit father Christmas. For the past 5 years we have provided staging and pa for their Santa runs in Leicester and Nottingham we are the first on site to make sure we are all set up and ready to go, we run everything of a generator so we have no problems with power, last year we even did all the pa for a live band it was a cold day but they persevered to do a few songs for the participants.

Operation orphan is a charity based in Nottingham their vision is to improve the lives of orphans and vulnerable children in holistic, culturally relevant and sustainable way. They collect clothes to send to children all over the world to keep them warm in winter and send them regular presents to open on those special occasions. We have done fashion shows for the charity at Nottingham and Blackpool we supplied a built set with changing rooms both behind scenes and for people who were attending the event, as well as the set we also supplied a stage and lighting with a full pa.

Forever stars first started out with Michelle and Richard Daniels after the tragic loss of their baby daughter at birth, while staying in the hospital they came up with the idea to start fundraising money to develop a bereavement suite for parents who have suffered the same loss, they raised their target in two years an outstanding achievement and have opened the suite up this year for use, we worked with them on numerous events from sports dinners and discos supplying the staging, pa and all the technical support they needed.

Matilda’s mission is a charity for a very special young lady, matilda is 6 years old, cord compression during labour caused her to have brain damage, this caused her to have quadriplegic cerebral palsy and epilepsy, she is unable to sit, talk walk or stand unaided. She loves to laugh, smile, love books, swimming, music, school and being outdoors. Her friends and family have a special relationship and she loves spending time with them.

Due to her condition all four of her limbs are very stiff, the tightness and shortening of her muscles cause muscle spasms every night and day it becomes very distressing for her and her family especially when dressing and undressing. Joe her mum is fundraising for a procedure called SDR (selective dorsal rhitzotomy) the procedure will reverse and reduce the tightness as well as the spasticity in her body, this procedure will improve her mobility and ongoing development as well as giving her a better way of daily living, the whole procedure can be done at the QMC and the cost of the whole procedure is £15.000.

They have a facebook page called mission for matilda and a just giving page at:

Please view their websites and see what they do and have to offer, and maybe join in with a few of the challenges.