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Fashion Shows

We provide the full package from staging to sets, we can even put in changing rooms for those shy models.

Our stage we supply is one-foot-tall, and can be arranged into different style runways from a T-shape to a H-shape, we have four steps on and off the stage so if the models want to go for a walk around the room they are able to step on and off with grace.

We build a white set for the background and the models to get changed behind, the way they are built means we can fit the set in most rooms with ceilings up to 2.5 metre tall.

The lighting we use has pure white light, and we set a gantry up at the end of the catwalk which shines on all the catwalk as well as the set. We have the ability to use a computer programme that can change the colour of the lights, as well as put them through sequences and scenes.

Our pa system will pump music throughout the room, we use AKG wireless microphones that can be used throughout the room and are extremely reliable, we set up at the back of the room so we can hear and see everything that is happening and can react to any problems that arise. We also project to screens, if we have the presentations or photos that need to be put into the presentation one to two weeks before hand we can have it ready for the big day.

We have two packages to choose from.

Silver Package

Price £500.00

Gold Package

Price £750.00

Extra Costs